Winter Weather Advisory

It appears we will get our first plowable snow of the season this weekend.  The forecast is for two to four inches of snow.  The event will start out as rain on Friday and transition to snow overnight.  The snow is expected to be finished early Saturday afternoon.  The high vacancies in the street maintenance division and COVID related absences will make this event challenging, but we are prepared and we will work continuously until the snow has been removed from the streets.   As this event will occur over the three-day weekend if there is a problem which requires immediate attention residents should contact the non-emergency PD number at 636-537-3000 so that the problem can be routed to a Public Works supervisor.  Any problems after-the-fact can be reported using the Report a Problem function on the City’s website or by calling the City Hall main line at 636-537-4000.  This includes any damage to lawns or mailboxes.


There is a forecasted band of four to eight inches of snow just to our north.  Hopefully that remains to the north, but the chance of an even larger snow event is possible.  As detailed below, if we receive two inches or more of snow (as measured on pavement) we will address windrows for those residents who have qualified and previously signed up for that program.

James A. Eckrich, P.E.

Director of Public Works / City Engineer

City of Chesterfield

(636) 537-4764