Winter Weather Storm

The winter storm has ended.  The City of Chesterfield received approximately nine inches of snow.  City crews are expected to complete snow plowing / salting operations late Friday night.  Residents who have experienced mailbox or property damage should contact the City of Chesterfield at 636-537-4000 or use the Report a Problem function on the City’s website.  This will generate a work order which will ensure your problem is prioritized and addressed, when weather allows.

Please note that due to the poor weather conditions Republic Services could not provide solid waste service Wednesday through Friday (2/2 – 2/4).  Those residences will be serviced on their regular pickup day during the week of 2/7.  Residents who have concerns should contact Republic Services at 636-947-5959.

Additional information on City snow removal operations, including frequently asked questions, are detailed below.

During snow season all City maintenance personnel (including Public Works and Parks) are divided into two crews.  These employees will work twelve hour shifts until all snow and ice has been removed from the street. 

The City of Chesterfield maintains 183 miles of public streets, which are divided into three categories.  These are Priorities (typically hills, curves, and bridges), Primary streets (collectors and arterials) and Secondary streets (subdivision streets).  Our drivers follow strict instructions from the supervisors regarding plowing / salting and follow the turn-by-turn routes delineated in our snow map books.  Streets are not skipped.  Supervisors will be in trucks monitoring progress and addressing problem areas.  If we get two inches or more of snow (once the plowing operations are complete) we will remove windrows from the aprons of those residents who have qualified and signed up for the program.  Regarding windrows please remember: 1) We only provide the service to residents who have previously signed up for the service by providing a note from a physician; 2) We only provide the service when we get two inches of snow or more; 3) We only provide the service AFTER ALL SNOW REMOVAL OPERATIONS ARE COMPLETE.  When we receive large snow events snow removal operations can and will take days.  We do not stop during that time to address windrows.

Several questions / concerns typically arise during snow events.  These are as follows:

  • The plow truck skipped my street. When will it be addressed?  ANSWER:  It is highly unlikely that a truck skipped your streets.  Drivers leave routes for a number of reasons, including fuel, salt, equipment malfunction, and to return to Priority or Primary routes.  When they return to the route they will return to the spot within the route that they previously stopped.  All of the trucks are tracked via GPS and progress is monitored by Street or Park Maintenance Supervisors. 
  • The plow truck just drove by and pushed all the snow from the street onto my driveway. ANSWER:  The only way the City can remove snow from its 183 miles of public streets is to push the snow from the center of the street to the curb line.  This necessarily results in snow accumulating at the curb.  During events with high snowfall totals the snow built up at the curb line will create a “windrow.”  When this “windrow” reaches an area where there is no resistance, such as a shoveled driveway, the snow accumulated on the plow will release, resulting in snow being placed (dumped) on abutting driveways.  Unfortunately, this will sometimes include large chunks of snow and ice.  This is inevitable and unavoidable during a large snow event.  If you believe there is something unusual about your “windrow”, please contact the City and a supervisor will inspect the area.  Otherwise, you will have to remove the snow / ice from the end of your driveway unless you qualify for the City’s windrow removal program, detailed above. 
  • I live on a cul-de-sac and the snow plow driver just deposited a pile of snow onto my driveway. ANSWER:  The factors contributing to #2 above are typically more substantial on a cul-de-sac due to additional pavement within a cul-de-sac and the centrifugal force created when the plow drives around the circle.  It is impractical for the City to plow snow to the center of the cul-de-sac.  Additionally, if snow is pushed to the center of the cul-de-sac it will drain toward the curb, creating ice during “refreeze” conditions.  Accordingly, the City will NOT push the snow toward the center of a cul-de-sac.  Similar to #2 if you believe something unusual has happened you can contact the City and a supervisor will inspect the area. 
  • The snow plow driver damaged by mailbox or yard, what do I do? ANSWER:  Our drivers do their best to address the entire street without hitting mailboxes or driving onto lawns.  However, curve radii are different and, especially at night with a snow covered street, it is very difficult for the driver to know the exact location of the curb.  When there are problems or damage to lawns or mailboxes we will address those after the storm. 
  • Can I park on the street during a snow event? ANSWER:  It is illegal to park on designated snow routes during snow events of two inches or more.  Additionally, it is illegal to park on a street in such a manner that you restrict traffic.  Otherwise, it is legal to park on a street during a snow event.  That said, the Public Works Department appreciates if you would NOT park on the street during a snow event, if possible.  If you can avoid parking on the street it eliminates us having to drive around your car, remove snow adjacent to your car after your car leaves, and helps avoid accidents.
  • If I encounter a problem during snow removal operations, what should I do? If your problem does not require immediate attention (such as a windrow, yard damage) residents should use the “Report a Problem” function on the City website or contact the City front desk at 636-537-4000.  When you report a problem that way it will typically be addressed during regular business hours.  If the matter is not an emergency but requires immediate attention you should contact the non-emergency Police number at 636-537-3000.  If this occurs a police officer will assess the situation and contact snow-removal personnel if appropriate.  If your matter is a true emergency you should contact 911.

The City of Chesterfield and the Internationally Accredited Public Works Department take snow removal very seriously.  We plan and train for these events.  We purchase trucks, plows, spreaders, salt, and chemicals to use during these events.  We strive to provide the best service possible to the residents of the City of Chesterfield.