Storm Debris Removal

As a result of the storms that passed through the area on Saturday, June 19, the City of Chesterfield sustained substantial tree damage.  Immediately following the storm event and extending into Sunday, June 20, City Street Maintenance personnel focused on clearing the roadways and moving all debris off to the side of the roadways such that City streets were safely traversable.

Beginning Monday, June 21, City Street Maintenance personnel will begin systematically patrolling public streets to remove downed trees and limbs located in the right of way or remove trees located in right of way that have been damaged in such a manner that they pose a safety hazard. 

Once this first pass of cleanup is complete, the City Street Maintenance personnel will continue to systematically work their way throughout the City removing tree debris located within the public right of way.

For those residents living on publicly maintained streets, the City will be providing removal services for any tree debris generated by the June 19 storm.  It is not necessary for residents to contact the City to request removal, but in order for the tree debris to be removed, property owners must bring the debris to the back of curb by no later than 7:00 am Monday, July 12.  Please keep in mind this removal service pertains only to tree debris associated with the June 19 storm.

For those residents living on privately maintained streets, the City will also be providing tree debris removal services.  In order for the City to provide these services on private streets, the Subdivision Trustees must send a letter to the City of Chesterfield (Attn: Director of Public Works) requesting that the City of Chesterfield provide this service and authorizing the City of Chesterfield to access the private street(s).  The letter must be received by the City of Chesterfield by no later than July 12.  If such a letter is provided, including gate access if applicable, the City of Chesterfield will remove any tree debris brought to the back of the curb of the private street.

The complete debris removal process is anticipated to take over a month and weekly updates will be provided.  With approximately 183 miles of streets that the City maintains, the City is asking residents to please be patient as City crews work to clean up the tree damage left behind from the June 19 storm.