Get Active Bingo

 Play a board game
with a family member
Do push-ups, sit ups
or stretch when commercials are
on TV

 Help with an outside house chore
 Take a 20-minute walk with a family member

Wear a pedometer for the entire day to count your steps
Record steps here: _______________

 Workout with a
family member for
Take a virtual field trip:
Help clean the
house with your parents
Learn about
germs with the
Magic School Bus
Take a walk with your pet or ask to walk a neighbor’s pet
Practice your juggling skills for 20 minutes

Dance around the house to your favorite song
Facetime a family member
 Participate in a 20-minute yoga video
 Build a fort
 Have a video game tournament with your family
Go online to Scholastic website and complete an education activity with a family member
Jump rope 100 times
Help cook lunch or dinner
 Watch a sports
themed movie with a family member
 Read a book for 30 minutes

Clean out your toys and make a pile for donation



1. Participant can only complete one box on the Bingo card each day

2. Participants must have a parent or guardian initial each box that is completed.

3. Patterns that are playable:
a. 1 Straight/horizontal rows: cover five boxes in a row vertically/horizontally
b. 2 straight/horizontal rows: 2 rows covered vertically/horizontally
c. 3 straight/horizontal rows: 3 rows covered vertically/horizontally
d. 4 straight/horizontal rows: 4 rows covered vertically/horizontally
e. Jackpot: all rows/boxes are covered

4. Each time a participant completes a playable pattern the participant can bring their BINGO card to Chesterfield Parks, Recreation and Arts department located at 17891 N. Outer 40, Chesterfield, MO 63005 to receive a prize.

5. Once entire card is completed the participant will need to submit the card to receive the grand prize (participant will be contacted to set up a time to receive prize). Send to Attn: Linnsie Gebert, 690 Chesterfield Pkwy W, Chesterfield, MO 63017 or email to