Occupancy Permit

To ensure compliance with City, County, and Fire District codes, an occupancy permit or re-occupancy permit must be obtained by every new business that opens in Chesterfield, and for every change of business use, tenancy or ownership.

Building/Occupancy Permits
If a building permit is required a Municipal Zoning Application must be submitted to the City of Chesterfield. Pending no issues following the final inspections of the site by St. Louis County and the City of Chesterfield the Occupancy Permit will be generated by the City of Chesterfield.

Reoccupancy Permits
If a business changes tenancy, use or ownership, a reoccupancy permit is required. Click the following links for the Application for Reoccupancy and Reoccupancy Application Instructions. A one-time fee of $126 (payable to the Treasurer of St. Louis County) must accompany the application. An inspection by the City of Chesterfield and St. Louis County will be required for approval.
For more information on Reoccupancy Permits or to download a copy of the permit application click on the link below.

Planning & Public Works Reoccupancy Permit Information

Contact Information for Occupancy and Reoccupancy Permits
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