Parks, Recreation & Arts Committees

The Parks, Recreation & Arts Department are liaisons to the Parks, Recreation & Arts Citizens Advisory Committee.

Appointments to the following non-statutory citizen committees are made by the Mayor with the concurrence of both council members in whose Ward the individuals reside. Committees are limited to 17 members - four from each Ward and 1 "At Large", unless otherwise noted.

Committee meetings are conducted by the committee chairperson and operate or function either by their mission statement or by a project directed to them by Council or a standing committee of Council.


The Parks, Recreation & Arts Citizen Advisory Committee (PRCAC) is a recommending body to the Parks, Recreation & Arts Committee of Council. This committee's purpose is to enhance the quality of life for all citizens of the city through the development of Parks, Recreation & Arts. In doing so, it shall be the Committee's responsibility to address the following when directed by City Council:


  • Maintain a symbiotic partnership between its own mission statement and the mission statement of City Council.
  • Identify Parks, Recreation & Arts attitudes of individuals and organizations in the community.
  • Advise on basic policies that guide the Parks, Recreation & Arts.
  • Review and advise on park development plans and conservation opportunities.
  • Recommend sites for park expansion.
  • Submit ideas for both passive and active park areas that enhance the environment.
  • Recommend new programs and activities for the inclusion of all age groups.
  • Consider conceptualized funding mechanisms for the development of a comprehensive Parks, Recreation & Arts master plan at the direction of the Parks, Recreation & Arts Committee of Council.
  • Submit all formal recommendations in writing to the Parks, Recreation & Arts Committee of City Council and the City Council to facilitate better communication.