Planting a Butterfly Garden

The butterflies in Chesterfield parks are happy to hGirls Scouts and their Butterfly Gardenave such thoughtful people to have planted them such magnificent gardens to feast on and help them do their jobs! There are butterfly gardens in Eberwein Park (at the NE corner along the trail), Central Park (just south of the Aquatic Center walkway) and at Dierberg Meditation Park. Most of these gardens were designed and planted with the help of Scouts and community volunteers. Be sure to watch for a variety of butterflies enjoying the flowers throughout the season.

The Citizens Committee for the Environment has endorsed the City's 25th Anniversary Signature Pollinator Garden. If you'd like to plant your own butterfly garden, click here for a design and plant list endorsed by the Butterfly House that was utilized for the garden in Eberwein Park. This was designed and planted by Girl Scout Troop 2534 in 2012 as part of their Silver Award Project. For specific questions, contact the City Arborist at 636.537.4773.

Butterfly GardenAdditionally, the Butterfly House has prepared a document containing 7 Easy Steps for Pollinator Gardening. See the links at the left for information on certifying your garden with the National Wildlife Federation or Applying for a Chesterfield Signature Garden Award.

This project also qualifies as a Stellar Green Youth Team Activity