Senior Panel Discussion

Tuesdays, 10-11 a.m.
Chesterfield Community Center
237 Chesterfield Mall
(Second Floor by Macy's)
Come join the panels led by Ted Gottlieb as discussions are held on various topics each month.

October 4: Selling The Home for MORE!
There are simple things you can do now that can positively impact how quickly your home can be sold and for more. Learn why selling to an investor, no matter the condition of the property, is typically not in your best interest. Discover why working with an experienced real estate agent who specializes in working with seniors is the way to go and how to prepare your home to sell quickly. Hear from, and ask questions to a panel of experts - Seniors Real Estate Specialist®, Home Inspector, Interior Decorator/Re-Stylist, Stager.

November 1: Decluttering & Estate Sale Tips
Often, the thought of dealing with all of the things we’ve accumulated over the years is enough to stop us in our tracks. Discover the available services that simplify the process and how using them can take the pressure off you and your loved ones. Hear from, and ask questions to a panel of experts - Organizers, Declutter Specialists, Estate Sale Agents, Clean Out/Disposal Experts.

December 6: Communicating With Adult Children
It’s not unusual that the lines of communication between parents and children blur or become stressed. With the best of intentions, tensions can mount and road blocks form. In this seminar, mental health professionals, counselors, and care managers share tips to help us keep our focus on the task at hand with the intent of maintaining (maybe even strengthening) our relationships.
Please RSVP to or 636.812.9500.