SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard)

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SUP STL - Stand Up Paddleboard

River’s Edge Park
Equipment - rentals available

Stacey loves adventure and most things outdoors, including hiking & boating.  She had paddle boarded a handful of times on vacations and such, but she officially fell in love with the sport during the summer of 2020, after taking a SUP Yoga class with a friend out of town.  She was instantly hooked, and knew she wanted to teach.  After returning home, she found SUP St. Louis, and started participating in as many paddle board events and classes as possible--SUP yoga, river paddles, and renting as often as possible.  She bought her first paddle board at the beginning of the 2021 summer season; she learned pretty quickly the sport was even more enjoyable with a friend and bought a second board soon after.  

In the spring of 2022 Stacey learned that SUP St. Louis founder, Shane Perrin, would not open for the season and was looking for a buyer; but he wouldn't just sell to anyone, he was looking for someone equally passionate about the paddle community.  Two weeks later he sold SUP St. Louis to Stacey.

Paddling provides Stacey immense joy & peace.  She loves the stillness & calm being in nature and on the water brings.  She loves providing opportunities to be on the water, and to experience the same peace and empowerment that comes from being on the water in God's creation.  

Currently a certified Paddle Fit Core instructor, Stacey is also in the process of completing her 200-hour yoga certification, after which she plans to complete the SUP Yoga certification course. She loves all things paddle boarding. 

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