Subdivision Trustees

The City of Chesterfield continually updates its comprehensive list of Subdivision Trustees. If you are a new Trustee or know of any changes in your subdivision, please complete the Subdivision Trustee Information Form and mail or email the form back to City Hall.  Call the Customer Service Center at 636.537.4000 if you would like a “Trustee Information Form” mailed or emailed to you.  Additionally, you can simply e-mail any changes to 

Subdivision Trustee Listing

Please begin by typing a Subdivision into the search box.
After completing your search, click a subdivision to view the trustee information.


The City has created a guide, outlining the many services that can help YOU as a subdivision trustee.  View, print or download the TRUSTEE SYMPOSIUM PRESENTATION.  You may also email or call 636-537-4711 to request one be mailed to you.

Exterior Property Maintenance

Tree Preservation and Landscape Requirements

Nuisances & Native Plants

Regulation of Animals and Fowl

Trust Indentures