Mayor's Office

Dear Chesterfield residents, 

As we approach the summer season, I’m thrilled to announce our lineup of free Sounds of Summer concerts at the Chesterfield Amphitheater and our eagerly awaited annual 4th of July Fireworks Celebration! Be sure to check out the exact schedules provided later in this newsletter. I hope to see many of our residents taking full advantage of these fantastic summer activities! 

Summer Safety 
Speaking of summer activities, this issue of the Citizen highlights the many ways City staff works to ensure a fun and safe season for all our residents and visitors. Our dedicated Police Department works tirelessly to maintain law and order, keeping Chesterfield’s neighborhoods secure during summer events and activities. Parks, Recreation & Arts teams diligently maintain our green spaces and recreational facilities to provide safe and enjoyable outdoor spaces for exercise, events and relaxation. Additionally, the Public Works Department ensures City roads and sidewalks are well-maintained, guaranteeing smooth travel to and from summer destinations while managing essential infrastructure to support community events. 

While I have the privilege of updating you quarterly on recent developments, there aren’t any major changes to report at this time. We still anticipate the demolition of Chesterfield Mall by the end of this calendar year; however, it now appears that Dillard’s will re-open in their current location when Downtown Chesterfield begins to take shape. Current mall tenants have been notified to vacate by August 31. 

I want to revisit a topic I mentioned in my last message: our City’s high percentage of foreign-born residents. Recently, I had the opportunity to attend an update from several local school district superintendents. It was enlightening to see how many different countries and languages are represented in our schools! This diversity presents unique challenges, but it’s also an opportunity for us to show support and respect for everyone in the Chesterfield community. Let’s extend this goodwill beyond the classroom to include the many foreign-born people who work and live in Chesterfield. 

Transparency and Truth 
The principles of transparency and truth have been core values of my platform since I first ran for mayor. Several years ago, the City of Chesterfield established a transparency portal on our website— you can find it right under the welcome section, offering access to budget reports, financial updates, salary information and much more. Our staff and elected officials are also readily available to address any questions or concerns you may have about City business or municipal services. 
Unfortunately, we are often responding to questions or comments that originated from misleading or unreliable information residents have seen or heard on social media platforms. While platforms like Facebook, Nextdoor, X (formerly Twitter) and Instagram can be great for connecting, they are also filled with misinformation. In an age where disinformation seems to be on the rise, fueled by divisive agendas, it’s more important than ever to verify what you see online. If you come across anything that seems misleading or controversial, don’t hesitate to reach out to City staff, your councilmember or myself for clarification. We’re committed to ensuring Chesterfield residents are properly informed and not misled by false information. 

Let’s continue working together to keep Chesterfield safe and well-informed. Enjoy your summer! 

Respectfully and cordially, 

Bob Nation