Community Camera Program

Video from your home or office surveillance camera can help us solve a crime!  The Chesterfield Police Department is pleased to introduce  a new initiative, the Community Camera Program.  The Community Camera Program allows residents and business owners of Chesterfield & Clarkson Valley to voluntarily register the locations and capabilities of their security camera systems with the Chesterfield Police Department.   The department will use this information to compile a database of private video cameras that may potentially help us solve a crime.  

Here's how it works.  You will be able to register on-line (see link below)  advising us that you have video surveillance equipment outside your home or business, along with a description of what areas your camera monitors.  We will then store that information in a secure, private database.  If a crime occurs in a certain area, our investigating Officers will check our database to see who has registered a camera in the area. We  will then contact those registered individuals and ask them to review their recorded video for any relevant footage. 

The Police Department realizes we can be most effective with the cooperation of the public.  We see this program as a "win-win" for both the police and the community; an example of the type of partnerships we have always endeavored to achieve.