Division of Operational Support

Commanding Officer: Captain Dan Dunn (bio)

Capt. Dan Dunn 

The Division of Operational Support provides the support elements for the Division of Police Operations, Division of Special Operations, and the Office of the Chief of Police. It is comprised of the Bureau of Records, Bureau of Administration, and Bureau of Community Engagement. The division's functions include training, contract services,  budget and purchasing, records, communications, code enforcement, evidence & property control, accreditation, staff inspection, personnel, crime analysis, building, equipment & fleet maintenance, media relations, crime prevention, internal affairs, policy development, school resource officers, and technical services.


Bureau Supervisor: 
Ms. Callyn Burgess      


The Bureau of Records is responsible for record storage and release, communications, customer service, and liaison to the prosecuting attorney.

Records Unit
The Records Unit employs civilian clerks to maintain all departmental records and to function as service contacts for citizens entering the police facility twenty-four hours a day. This section is responsible for the release of all police records, police reports, accident reports and criminal history checks, research & development, grant management, staff inspection and crime analysis.

The unit also coordinates the agency's communication function which is provided through the St. Louis County Police Department's 911 Dispatch Center.


Bureau Commander:
Lt. Chris Connelly 

The Bureau of Community Engagement is comprised of the Clarkson Valley Unit, Community Affairs Unit and Internal Affairs. The Bureau's responsibilities include public/media relations, school resource officer program, recruitment, personnel management and Crisis Intervention Team coordination.

Clarkson Valley Unit
The Chesterfield Police Department has a contractual agreement with the neighboring City of Clarkson Valley to provide comprehensive police services; 24-hour uniform patrols, traffic enforcement, response to calls for service, court and meeting security and community engagement programs. The unit consists of six uniformed police officers.

Personnel Unit
The Personnel Unit directly assists the agency and the Police Personnel Board in the recruitment, hiring, and promotion of police department personnel. 


Unit Commander:
Sergeant Robert Powell

The Community Affairs Unit is responsible for all crime prevention, police community relations and youth-based programs and initiatives. The Bureau's programs include Safety Town, C.O.P.P.S.,citizen fingerprinting, speaker's bureau, Neighborhood Watch, child car seat installation program and coordinating the citizen police academy.  The Department's Volunteers in Policing (VIP) program and the Chesterfield Police Explorer Post are also housed within the Community Affairs Unit.

School Resource Unit

The School Resource Unit serves as resources and department liaisons at nineteen public and private schools located in Chesterfield and Clarkson Valley.  The agency has nine full time officers assigned to the program.  Six of the School Resource Officers (SROs) are individually assigned to the three public high schools and three public middle schools located in the two cities. The senior high and middle school SRO programs are partially funded by the Parkway School District and the Rockwood School District representing one of the department’s many successful community partnerships.  

Three additional officers serve a similar role in the City’s elementary schools, the Elementary SRO program.  Each ESRO is assigned to three elementary and private schools where they spend their time providing high visibility security, making presentations in the classroom, and becoming an integral part of the school community. 


Bureau Commander:
Lt. Michael Ryffel 


The Bureau of Administration is comprised of the Accreditation Unit, Training Unit, Property Unit and Code Enforcement. The Bureau's responsibilities include personnel training, crime analysis, equipment, and budgeting/purchasing.

Accreditation Unit
The Accreditation Unit is responsible for staff inspections, policy development, internal audits, grant procurement and CALEA.

The Project Management Unit also houses the agency's crime analysis function.  The crime analyst is responsible for reviewing operational, criminal, and statistical data for analysis. This includes the dissemination of crime trend information and crime statistics both within the agency and to the citizens of Chesterfield, including NIBRS data. The crime analyst also serves as a key member of the agency's CALEA accreditation team.



Property Unit
The Property Control Unit is responsible for the control of both evidentiary items and those pieces of property that come into the possession of the Police Department such as found property. Items of found property are treated in the same manner as evidence and are required to be secured until the owner may be located. The Evidence Officer is in control of thousands of pieces of evidence at any given time and is responsible for the proper handling and storage of these items.

Also housed under the Property Unit is the Fleet Maintenance Section which is responsible for the maintenance of the extensive fleet of vehicles and related equipment used by the Chesterfield Police Department. This includes the Mobile Data Terminals (laptop computers) located in each car, which enable patrol officers to instantly conduct record checks, obtain driver's license information, access vital information from the dispatchers & in-house computers and even conduct mug shot searches. This state-of-the-art equipment is part of the plan to ensure that the Chesterfield Police Officers are on the cutting edge of technology to best serve the needs of the community. Members of the unit also coordinate building & fleet maintenance services, equipment maintenance and technical services.  This unit also oversees body worn cameras and in-car camaras.

Training Unit

The Training Unit directly coordinates initial training for new officers and continued education of the existing members to meet POST and CALEA requirements. The goal of the Bureau of Training is to conduct annual training for all commissioned officers on firearms handling, qualification on all weapons deployed by the Chesterfield Police Department, reasonableness in the application of use of force, de-escalation techniques, resistance control continuum, implicit bias awareness, cultural awareness, and impartial policing


Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement Unit consists of two civilian staff who monitor and enforce the City of Chesterfield Unified Development Code consisting of the maintenance and upkeep of properties throughout Chesterfield.   The unit receives and then investigates anonymous or official complaints on problem properties and either arrange to have the violations repaired/abated or refer the matter to Municipal Court for further remedy.