Police Training

Each year the officers of the Chesterfield Police Department are required to train in a variety of topics.  Chesterfield Police Officers are also required to qualify with the firearms they use on duty (pistol/shotgun/rifle).

Required Annual Training Includes:

1.     Qualification in firearms proficiency on the duty weapon, back up weapon, shotgun and AR-15 rifle.

2.     Low Light Qualification in firearms proficiency on the duty weapon.

3.     Less-Lethal Weapon (OC Spray/Taser) Training

4.     Defensive Tactics Training

5.     Physical Agility Assessment

6.     Hazardous Materials/All-Hazard Training

7.     Mental Illness Training

8.     De-Escalation Training

9.     Biased Based Policing Training

10.  Implicit Bias Training

Additionally, Ethics Training and a Table Top Exercise (Active Killer/Mass Casualty) Training are required every two years and Jail Operations Training is required every three years.  At least once per 4-year cycle, training is required in First Aid/CPR/AED, Driver’s Training, Riot Control and Officer Wellness.

Additional Training

In addition to the required training completed each year, officers participate in additional skill-building training in firearms proficiency.  Many officers also elect to attend non-required training in a large variety of other topics.