School Shooting Preparedness

The Chesterfield Police Department has fielded numerous calls and questions from concerned residents and parents about our ability to respond to such an event.  Below are several examples of how the Chesterfield Police Department is preparing for a situation we hope never occurs:

* Nearly 10% of the sworn Chesterfield Police force is dedicated to full-time School Resource Officer (SRO) positions.  One Officer is permanently assigned to each of the six middle and high schools within our jurisdiction (including Clarkson Valley).  Two additional officers are assigned to the thirteen public elementary schools and private schools within our jurisdiction.  This allows greater officer/agency familiarity with the schools and students

* School crisis plans are updated annually and provided to the Chesterfield Police Department to incorporate into the Police Department's response plans.  These plans are updated annually and disseminated to all police personnel.

* The Chesterfield Police Department works closely with our first responder agencies and the School Districts to ensure consistency and familiarization with each agencies response plans.

*  The Chesterfield Police Department trains annually for active killer situations, with special emphasis on school shooting response.  Most often, this training occurs at one of the school buildings, which creates greater realism and familiarization of the building layout for the Officers.

*  The Chesterfield Police Department recently formed a team of Officers that have received advanced training, preparation, and equipment for response to an active shooter incident.  These officers will have a greater response capability, allowing them to lead other patrol officers in engaging and responding to an active shooter event.  These officers are also used to train the rest of the department in active shooter response training.  Likewise, we have met with and provided active shooter response training with teachers and staff of each school in our jurisdiction.

One is never fully confident in an agency's ability to prevent an occurrence; however, we are fully confident the men and women of the Chesterfield Police Department are completely ready and capable of responding to, engaging and neutralizing any active shooter threat/incident occurring in our schools.

If you would like additional information on how you, or your school or business can prepare for an active killer threat, please contact the Chesterfield Police Department at (636) 537-3000 or