Sexual Abuse of Children - Safety Tips

One of the most important jobs of a parent is to protect our children from the dangers of sexual abuse. As a parent, it is important to become educated on the risk factors of sexual abuse, the warning signs of sexual abuse and how to teach children about this sensitive subject. The following information is provided to help parents as they educate themselves and their children about this topic.

  • Be sure to teach your children that it is okay to say "no" when someone you know and care about does something you do not like.
  • Teach children the difference between O.K. touch and that which is not O.K. (An example would include telling children that any area of their body normally covered by a bathing suit is "off limits".)
  • Teach children that secrets about touching are not O.K.
  • Watch for sexually inappropriate behavior in adults and between adults and children. They would include adults who insist on hugging, touching, kissing, tickling, wrestling with or holding a child even when the child resists. Also be alert for any adult who appears to be overly interested in spending uninterrupted time alone with your child; is eager to take children out on special outings without the accompaniment of other adults; or is overly interested in emailing, calling or text messaging your child.

If you have any further questions or concerns about this topic, please contact one of the officers in the Community Affairs Unit at 636-537-3000 or by email at

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