TIF Background


The City Council participated in a Finance and Administration Committee of the Whole meeting on June 7th, 2021.  The sole purpose of that meeting was to become aware of and educate ourselves relative to the various economic development tools available and what the impacts of each tool has on the community.  Subsequently, at their June 29, 2021 meeting, the Finance and Administration Committee unanimously directed staff to “explore options for economic development tools in the southwest quadrant of Chesterfield, advise and engage landowners, and begin discussions regarding reimbursement agreement opportunities.” 

The Finance and Administration Committee unanimously approved an RFQ (request for qualifications) from qualified consultants to provide “review, analysis, and recommendations for redevelopment of the Southwest Quadrant of Chesterfield Village” on August 31, 2021, after which staff advertised and solicited proposals.  Several firms submitted proposals, and a shortlist of firms were interviewed.  Per the Committee’s recommendation, City Council authorized a contract with PGAV Planners, LLC at their meeting on December 6th, 2021.

The original direction of City Council established multiple specific goals of this effort:
  • Protect and sustain the levels of service provided to the larger Chesterfield Community.  With the addition of $2.5 billion of development, municipal resources will be strained and services diminished if not addressed.

  • Consider the proposed development’s impact on roads, law enforcement, parks, and other infrastructure as effects will reach far beyond the proximity of the development and we must consider the impacts and capacity of those systems.

  • Identify strategies that will fund the public infrastructure needs and preserve levels of service without burdening the existing residents and businesses.

  • Do not increase consumer taxes or property tax rates on the broader community.

  • No intent to create development incentives or subsidies.  Any district financing is to be directed to public infrastructure needs.

Consultant Recommendation

Through this process, it has been found that infrastructure costs (streets, roads, sewers, offsite improvements, public parking structures) will preclude redevelopment. PGAV then looked at various economic development tools permitted by State Statute to determine if any of the available tools (in light of the goals stated above) could be used to facilitate redevelopment. This process led to an evaluation of Tax Increment Financing (TIF). Prior to evaluating if a TIF could close the gap, an evaluation of Blight was conducted and it has been found that the area does qualify under the legal definition of Blight by the State of Missouri. As the area is blighted and the area will not redevelopment “but for” a TIF, PGAV is recommending that the City consider establishment of a TIF District.