Recycling Opportunities

It is easy to recycle within your own household! There is no sorting necessary. This Household Recycling Guide, will tell you more about what can be recycled in your curbside container. What happens to your recyclables after they are picked up from your curbside recycle container by Republic Services? They are processed at a Materials Recovery Facility or MRF, owned and managed by Republic Services. Click here to see a video of this interesting process.

Electronics can be recycled at the annual Earth Day or Recycles Day events.  THERE IS NO MONTHLY COLLECTION SITE.  Check the Community Events Calendar on the home page for details.  

Proper management of household hazardous waste (HHW) protects your health and your environment! St. Louis County residents have an easy and safe option for HHW management through the regional permanent HHW program.  To make a reservation, please visit and follow the instructions.

The regional permanent HHW program replaces the spring and fall one-day collection events previously held by the Health Department.

Fire extinguisher companies will accept empty or used fire extinguishers. Empty fire extinguishers outside only - preferably into a trash can or other container. Stay upwind of the discharge. The dry chemical used in fire extinguishers is not considered hazardous, but can cause choking (just like dust) if inhaled. Do NOT discard fire extinguishers in the trash unless the gauge indicates that there is no pressure.

Older liquid chemical type fire extinguishers should be disposed of at hazardous waste collection sites within St. Louis County.