Yard Waste Information & Guidelines

Republic Services also provides Yard Waste service for those residents that desire that service. The yard waste service rate is $16.11 per month for residents and $13.70 per month for seniors. These rates are based upon a minimum three-­month service; but those residents who want an entire year of yard waste qualify for the resident rate of $177.36 per year and the senior rate of $150.76 per year. 

Yard Waste Collection Schedule is below:
Ward 1 is Friday

Ward 2 is Monday

Ward 3 is Tuesday

Ward 4 is Thursday 

**The collection dates shown above generally adhere to the ward boundaries.  However, there are some variations.  To determine your actual pickup date, please contact Republic Services. If you are not sure which Ward you live in you can enter your address into our Resident Information Portal to find out.

Additionally, as part of the new contract, Republic Services has agreed to implement a "per bag" cost for those residents who do not want to commit to a 
three-month program. This one-time cost, which must be scheduled with Republic and pre-paid, will be $8.00 for up to four bags or bundles or $12.00 
for five to eight bags or bundles. There is a twenty bag/bundle limit for this program, with each bag/bundle over eight costing $1.00 each. 

Yard Waste requirements are as follows: 

  • Yard waste bags, carts, and containers are to be used for yard waste only. Yard waste mixed with trash will NOT be picked up.
  • Loose yard waste must be bagged in standard 30-gallon paper yard waste bags or placed in yard waste carts rented by Republic. Residents may also use 32-gallon or smaller yard waste cans clearly marked with an "X" or the words "Yard Waste Only."
  • Yard waste in plastic bags will not be collected.
  • Yard waste in cardboard boxes will not be collected.
  • Tree limbs and branches must be less than six inches in diameter and must be tied with twine (no wire) in bundles no longer than four feet long by two feet in diameter. Each bundle must weigh less than 35 pounds. Limbs and branches more than six inches in diameter or longer than four feet require a special pickup.
  • Pumpkins and Jack-O-Lanterns will be picked up during the month of November on yard waste service days at no charge.
  • Christmas trees will be picked up during the month of January on yard waste service days at no charge. The tree must be free of all decorations including tinsel, garland, ornaments, and lights. The tree must also be cut into sections of four feet or less.
If you have questions regarding yard waste service, please contact Republic Services at 636.947.5959.