School Resource Officer (SRO)

The Chesterfield Police Department has ten officers designated as school resource officers. One officer is assigned to each of the three senior high schools, one to each of the three middle schools and three officers designated as ESRO (elementary school resource officers).  The ESROs divide their time between the City's thirteen public & private elementary schools.  

The SROs are responsible for providing comprehensive police services to the schools, serving as both a law enforcement officer and a valued member of the schools administrative and teaching staff. In the summer months, some SROs continue to serve at their assigned schools during summer school while the majority of SROs serve to supplement the bureau of patrol and the SEU unit.

The senior and middle schools where the SROs currently serve are Parkway West and Parkway Central (in the Parkway School District) and Marquette Senior and Crestview Middle (in the Rockwood School District).