A closer look at Chesterfield Police Careers


Take closer a look at all of the Comissioned and Non-Comissioned career possibilities within the Chesterfield Police Department:

  • Crime Scene Officer
  • Juvenile Detective
  • Sex Crimes/Child Abuse Detective
  • Field Training Instructor
  • Crisis Intervention Team (CIT)
  • Police Academy Instructor
  • Task Force Officer
  • Computer Forensic Specialist
  • Patrol Rifle Officer
  • Accident Reconstructionist
  • Strategic Reponse Team (SRT)
  • Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) Officer

Membership or detachment to outside agencies and task forces:

Chesterfield Police Entry Level Positions
Police Officer Trainee (Commissioned), Starting Salary: $44,100.00
Police Officer (Commissioned), Starting Salary: $63,000.00
Records Clerk (Civilian), Starting Salary: $43,117.00

Commissioned Entry Level Positions
The Chesterfield Police Department hires both experienced and non-experienced individuals for the position of Police Officer. Individuals who are Missouri POST certified (have completed a recognized police training academy) begin working as police officer assigned to the Bureau of Uniformed Patrol after completing a brief "Field Training" period. Those individuals hired without POST certification begin as Police Officer Trainees and are required to attend the St. Louis County and Municipal Police Academy. After successful completion of the Police Academy's 916 hour curriculum, trainees are eligible to be promoted to the position of Police Officer.

Civilian Entry Level Positions
The Chesterfield Police Department employs seven full-time civilian employees who work on shifts as Police Records Clerks. This is a very rewarding position that includes a great deal of communication with the public both in person and over the phone, the maintenance of police records, the monitoring of building security cameras and a wide variety of computer entry. The position includes the evaluation of citizens needs, response to citizens and officers, control of confidential record and filing systems, as well as assisting in a variety of other departmental activities.