Stop Signs on Stop Sign Installation

Stop Sign Placement

The City of Chesterfield follows the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) for placement of traffic signs and signals in the city. The City Engineering Department and Public Works Department, with assistance from the Police Department, determines the need and type of traffic control at intersections by applying MUTCD guidelines. These guidelines insure safe and effective traffic control by taking into account street and lane dimensions, established speed limits and traffic volume.

Stop Signs are only intended to establish a driver's right-of-way at four-way intersections. However, if residents on a Non-Through City Street feel a need for a stop sign at an intersection, they may petition the City for one. A petition must be submitted by the subdivision trustees and show 75% support from subdivision residents for the proposed stop sign. An ordinance for the stop sign will then be prepared and submitted to the Public Health and Safety Committee for review and forwarded to the City Council for final consideration and approval. (City of Chesterfield Policy Statement #12)