Crisis Intervention Team (CIT)

The Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) training, which was developed in Memphis, TN, provides police officers with extensive specialized training in dealing with those in a mental health related crisis. CIT officers are trained to work closely with those in the local mental health system, those in need of assistance and their families. 

The Majority of Chesterfield police officers and many of its supervisors have received CIT training and are designated as CIT Officers.   CIT police officers carry on the normal duties of law enforcement, but switch to a specialist role when a potential mental health-related crisis is identified.

CIT focuses on deescalation strategies and redirecting the individual from the criminal justice system to the mental health care system. In turn, the mental health care system assumes "custody" of the individual, and provides directed and non-restrictive accessibility to a full range of health care and social service options.

The Department is committed to such an approach, believing that when possible, deescalation and redirection rather than force is in the best interest of not only the person facing a mental crisis, but also their families, the entire community and the police department.

If you are in crisis, contact Behavioral Health Response at (314)469-6644 or 1-800-811-4760. You can also contact National Alliance on Mental Illness at (314) 962-4670 or 800-950-NAMI  . Visit BHR at or NAMI at for more information. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, contact 911.