Councilmember Ward I

Barb McGuinness 

Barb is a Founder of Chesterfield having served as the Chair of the campaign to incorporate our great City.  She wrote the first adopted City budget, obtained the start-up line of credit which the City used to begin operating and was a leader in Valley clean-up and recovery.

She was Chair of the City Planning Commission for several years which authored the City's Comprehensive Plan and guided our initial growth and development.

A long-time neighborhood advocate and Trustee, Barb focuses on putting Chesterfield's neighborhoods and families first, guarding against wasteful government spending, and insuring transparency in her work on the City Council.

Barb McGuinness was re-elected in April of 2023 to her fourth term on the Council.

She has 2 children (Parkway Central grads) and 7 grandchildren (KU, Lawrence KS, Liberty University, Parkway Central, Kirk Day School, Home School).

Barb owns and operates the Velvet Freeze Ice Cream Company. 

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