What About Barking Dogs?

What Can I Do If My Neighbor's Dog Keeps Barking?

Such neighborhood concerns are often best handled between neighbors rather than immediately involving the police; every attempt should be made by you to calmly discuss your concerns with the offending neighbor. When your efforts to work out a solution fail, it is then appropriate to turn to the police for assistance.

In most cases, the police will inquire about what efforts you have made to resolve the matter yourself. The next step for the police officer is to talk with the offending resident and request future compliance. When repetitive dog barking continues after such efforts have been undertaken officers will then file a police report and may issue a summons to the dog owner.

Keep in mind that a dog barking momentarily when the postal worker or other delivery person walks or drives by does not generally constitute a peace disturbance; dog owners have rights too. Dogs will bark from time to time, however the type of barking that generally warrants police action is repeated barking for no particular reason where the dog owner does not appear to be making any effort to be a good neighbor by controlling their pet.

If you experience on-going problems with your neighbors' dog barking you should contact the Chesterfield Police at 314-889-2341 or 636-537-3000.