Meeting Places

“Meeting Places” is a sculpture that explores the possibility and relationship between form and surface and the intersection of cultures East and West. The color is evocative of flowing music. Color has emotion like music and therefore the piece is colorful and energetic. The sculpture itself is made of aluminum and the design was drawn in CAD. Water jet cut pieces are made from the drawings and the aluminum will be sprayed with etching spray.

As part of the Sounds of Summer Concert Series with Live Art, artist Catharine Magel was chosen to create a permanent sculpture as part of the parks landscape. The goal was to inform the public about the arts initiatives in Chesterfield by integrating art with the ongoing concert series. The program is meant to engage the public, bring artwork to the outdoors as a reminder of the area’s identity and establish Chesterfield as a creative place maker in the community.  The sculpture is located in front of the Parks Admin Building, located at 17891 North Outer 40 Road.