Tree City USA


Chesterfield has been a Tree City USA since 1998, and in addition, has received the Tree City Growth Award each year since 2001.

The Tree City USA program recognizes those communities that effectively manage their public tree resources, and encourages the implementation of community tree management. In order to qualify as Tree City, a city must meet four standards:

  1. A TREE BOARD. In Chesterfield the Beautification Committee and the Parks Committee weigh in on tree related issues. 
  2. A COMMUNITY TREE ORDINANCE. The planning division writes and implements the Tree Manual, which dictates tree preservation during development projects. The Public Works and Parks Departments also have annual work plans for public tree care.
  3. A COMMUNITY FORESTRY PROGRAM WITH AN ANNUAL BUDGET OF AT LEAST $2 PER CAPITA. Chesterfield spends an average of $13.00 per capita on tree maintenance and care.
  4. AN ARBOR DAY OBSERVANCE AND PROCLAMATION. Chesterfield has an annual Arbor Day tree planting ceremony each year.  If you would like to participate in this event please contact us!  Additionally, free bare-root trees are given away at the city's Earth Day event in April. 

Since 2011, Chesterfield has had the special distinction of achieving Sterling Tree City USA status, which means that the city has earned the Growth Award for 10 consecutive years. These awards demonstrate Chesterfield's ongoing dedication to continually improve the community's trees and natural resources, as well as the value this City places on preserving and enhancing our environment.