Bring Conservation Home Program

Chesterfield residents can get help to save money, improve water quality and provide habitat for
birds and butterflies all within their own landscapes. The St. Louis Audubon Society’s Bring Conservation Home Program provides at-home consultations by Habitat Advisors trained in native landscaping and other conservation practices for suburban landscapes. The program fee is $25 for Chesterfield residential property owners.

Native plants are the foundation of any successful bird, butterfly or pollinator garden. They evolved in the region and are adapted to our variable climate and clay-based soils. When chosen properly and established in the garden, they need no fertilizers, pesticides or supplemental watering. With over 400 types commercially available, functional and attractive native gardens can be created in most any suburban landscape.

After application to the program and scheduling, a team of Habitat Advisors will meet with you to discuss your use of and goals for your landscape, survey your grounds, offer immediate feedback and then provide detailed, written recommendations on improving the landscape as habitat and meeting your goals. An optional second visit is included in the initial fee for your use at anytime; there is no expiration on that visit. Now is a great time to make plans. Program advisors work year-round and are able to accommodate most schedules. For detailed info, visit the program website at The consultation request form is on the same page. For other questions or interest in non-residential property types, including commercial sites, please contact Mitch at 314.599.7390 or