Grading, Erosion & Sediment Control

The City of Chesterfield issues Grading Permits for land disturbance within the corporate City limits. In addition to issuing stand alone permits, the City also issues Grading Permits in conjunction with Improvement Plans. The City is one of many communities in conjunction with St. Louis County and the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District (MSD) that received a permit from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources in order to comply with the EPA's Federal mandate for the Clean Water Act.

Properties required to apply for a grading permit: whenever grading activities disturb 5000 square feet or more. 

In order for a Grading Permit to be issued, properties must be zoned Non Urban (NU) or have an approved Site Plan. Exceptions to this rule are properties in Chesterfield Valley that wish to stockpile dirt.

Items required for a Grading Permit

  1. Grading Permit Information and Application
  2. Grading Surety - if less than $10,000 must be cash. Over $10,000 can be cash or Letter of Credit (LOC)
  3. Grading Surety Deposit Agreement
  4. Inspection Fees
  5. Grading Plan
  6. Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) - we have examples for the following types of permits: simple or complex or stockpileand the City's Model Sediment & Erosion Control Manual
  7. For more details on the City requirements, please visit the City's Unified Development Code Section 04-11, Grading Permits.

Please contact the Department of Public Works at 636-537-4762 with any questions regarding information on this page.