Wildhorse Parkway Reconstruction

Wildhorse Parkway ReconstructionWildhorse Parkway:

If you have any questions about the project, please contact Trent Helland at THelland@chesterfield.mo.us or at 636-537-4758.

This project will reconstruct Wildhorse Parkway from Wildhorse Creek Road to the Chesterfield/Wildwood City limits, excluding the bridge and approach slabs which were addressed in 2021. The project includes reconstruction of the existing pavement, replacement of existing curb ramps, and widening the roadway by one-foot on both sides to accommodate two-way traffic during reconstruction. The widening will also increase safety for future maintenance activities that require partial lane closures. This project was designed by City Staff and the budget for this project is $2,650,000. While most of the project was constructed last year, we will be finishing the project this year. The southbound lane will be completed first, followed by the completion of the northbound lane starting at the Chesterfield / Wildwood city limits. Work will take approximately 12-14 weeks to complete.

To help avoid traffic problems, we will be restricting the contractor’s operation such that only one set of temporary traffic signals is necessary. If an emergency occurs and Wildhorse Parkway would need to be closed in either direction the temporary emergency gate will be opened on Lily Wood Court to access Orrville Rd. Signs will be erected to help direct traffic to the exit for vehicles south of the closure. Vehicles north of the closure can use Orrville Rd to access the neighborhood. The contractor will direct traffic at the access point to minimize traffic congestion until Wildhorse Parkway is re-opened. The access gate will then be closed and only re-opened in the case of an additional closure.   

Project Updates:
03-25-2024 -
Work has resumed and is expected to be completed in June.

11-30-2023 - Given the recent forecast for winter weather, we have made the decision to suspend work on Wildhorse Parkway until next spring. The area between the new pavement and old pavement (overdig) has been temporarily patched with asphalt. That temporary asphalt will be removed next year when the concrete work is completed. Until work resumes, all traffic control devices - including the temporary signals - have been removed. During the winter we will work with Next Level Construction (contractor) to refine the project schedule and sequencing to ensure the project is completed as quickly as possible, while adhering to our pavement specifications. Once we set a date for the project to resume, we will notify you and provide the schedule. 

11-13-2023 - Northbound lane re-opened. All traffic north of the bridge has been restored to normal traffic conditions.

10-20-2023 - Phase two completed. Southbound lane re-opened and northbound lane closed for reconstruction. All traffic diverted to the southbound lane.

08-14-2023 - Phase two. Southbound lane closed for re-construction. All traffic diverted to the northbound lane.

08-13-2023 -
Phase one completed.

07-31-2023 - 
The contractor is removing the existing curb and gutter along the east side of the north bound lane in order to install temporary pavement and curb. The design plans called for the temporary pavement and curb to be asphalt since it will be removed prior to the final concrete pavement being placed.  The contractor has propsed to utilize concrete in lieu of asphalt for the temporary pavement and curb at no additional cost to the project.  The City has approved this revision. The temporary concrete pavement and curb will still be removed prior to placement of the final pavement in the north bound lane. The reason the temporary concrete pavement and curb is not being incorporated into the final pavement is that is creates an unnecessary joint in the pavement which introduces a possible future failure point for the pavement.  The final pavement will be constructed monolithically eliminating the joint between the pavement and curb. 

07-31-2023 - Starting on the morning of August 18, the contractor will be rerouting traffic such that both north and south bound traffic will be routed on the northbound side of Wildhorse Parkway. This will occur the section between Wild Horse Creek Road and the bridge over Bonhomme Creek.  This is a temporary condition that will allow the southbound side to be reconstructed. Once reconstruction of the southbound side is complete, all traffic will then be routed onto the newly constructed southbound side while the northbound side is reconstructed. Once construction of the northbound side is complete, traffic patterns will then return to noramll with northbound and southbound traffic routed on their respective sides of Wilhorse Parkway. During the times when all traffic is routed on one side of Wildhorse Parkway, we ask that everyone pay extra attention while driving through the construction zone. Please note that the speed limit in the construction zone has been reduced and the reduced speed limit is posted. 

07-17-2023 -
The Contractor begin work on site.  

05-18-2023 -
Pre-construction meeting held.

03-27-2023 - City Council approved award of the construction contract to Next Level Construction at their March  20 meeting.  Contracts are currently in the process of being executed

03-16-2023 -
Contract award recommendation on agenda for the March 20 City Council meeting.

03-07-2023 - Bid opening held

02-21-2023 - Bid books made available