December 2014 Message from the Mayor

December 2014 Edition

Well, it is late October as I write this message for our next quarterly newsletter and I want to wish each and every one a happy holiday season!

We have had a busy and exciting year and are looking forward to another great year in 2015 that will see an even better quality of life for our Chesterfield residents. With that in mind, I am relinquishing my privilege for this issue of the newsletter to my wife, Louise, who, as a health care professional, has developed a keen insight into an area of our lives that can perhaps help many of us. Her message is self- explanatory and needs no further introduction:

From Louise Nation - “Bob has graciously allowed me to write this newsletter to let you know about a potential undertaking.  This has been a banner year for me. Though I’ve always been an exerciser, this year I was introduced to a phenomenal trainer at a well-known facility here in Chesterfield that offers fitness classes.  My particular instructor does whatever he can to help people get in shape and for the first time ever, I’ve lost weight, toned up, and feel great. This experience got me thinking…what if every Chesterfield resident was inspired to do something to make him/her healthier? What if we could attempt to make Chesterfield the healthiest city in America?

As a nurse practitioner at Chesterfield’s own St. Luke’s Hospital, I care for people every day who are admitted for one problem, but often have other problems, some of which the patient is not even aware. Many of these problems are preventable and they often lengthen or complicate a patient’s hospital stay. Everyone knows that today’s medical care/health insurance is incredibly expensive. Anything a community can do to help its residents get healthier is a positive move.

When Bob and I went door-to-door campaigning to hundreds of homes, we learned how intelligent and well-informed Chesterfield residents are. That’s why I’d like to try to inspire each and every resident to do something to get healthier – maybe resolve to walk for a half-hour instead of watching TV, maybe lose five pounds, maybe take a CPR or fitness class, or maybe eat more fruit and vegetables.  All of these ideas are very do-able goals! As we get closer to a New Year, let’s band together as a community and make something positive happen!

Though the goal would be to inspire each person in Chesterfield, there are many things the city could do to help. Some suggestions include biggest loser contests, articles in the newsletter, subdivision and workplace programs, organized walks on the trails, etc. But for these ideas to get off the ground we’ll need an army of volunteers. Your response will determine if things happen. If you are the least bit interested in helping yourself and/or your neighbors and business associates… if you are willing to discuss ideas, make phone calls, write an article or you just have a desire to participate, I need to hear from you! Don't be shy – I work full-time, so I need your help! No particular expertise necessary, just enthusiasm, effort, and a little time. If interested, please e-mail: and let’s hear your ideas to help make Chesterfield one of the healthiest cities in America.”


Louise Nation