Spring 2024

Dear Chesterfield residents,

I hope this message finds you well. It’s with great pride and excitement that I share some remarkable insights about our beloved Chesterfield—a community that continues to grow and flourish.

Diversity and Growth: A Winning Combination
Did you know that Chesterfield is home to the second-highest percentage of foreign-born residents in St. Louis County? As of 2021, an impressive 16.4% of Chesterfield residents were born outside the United States, surpassing the national average. This figure is steadily increasing, showcasing the attractiveness of our City as a welcoming home for people from around the globe.

The largest segment of our foreign-born population hails from Asia, primarily India and China, constituting over 13.1% of our total population. We are delighted that our international neighbors are drawn to the exceptional education opportunities in our schools and the safety provided by our world-class police department.

Economic Magnet and Quality Living
Undoubtedly, the availability of employment opportunities from notable companies such as Bayer, Pfizer, RGA and others is another driving force behind attracting highly educated professionals to our City. It truly warms my heart to recognize that all these people from around the globe have made a conscious choice to call Chesterfield home.

Our City’s statistics further underscore the remarkable growth and prosperity we’ve achieved. With an outstanding 80.5% home ownership rate—well above the national average—and a median property value over one and a half times larger than the national norm, Chesterfield stands as a testament to the appeal of our community.
In 2021, the median household income soared to an impressive $124,551, reflecting the economic strength and opportunities our residents enjoy. The assessed valuation of Chesterfield properties proudly stands as the highest among all municipalities, reaching $2.417 billion.

Chesterfield Mall Update: Progress Amidst Challenges
I’m pleased to inform you that despite facing obstacles, the anticipated demolition of the Chesterfield Mall is progressing well. This landmark transformation represents a significant step forward in the largest redevelopment opportunity since the Flood of ’93. We anticipate this project will create countless opportunities for economic growth and community building.

Cooperation and Mutual Support: The Fabric of Our Community
Despite occasional media and legislative opinions suggesting challenges with the multitude of municipalities (87), our local government in Chesterfield consistently proves its dedication to efficient and reliable services. I would challenge these perceptions by highlighting numerous instances of cooperation and mutual support, showcasing the effectiveness of our approach—instances such as the St. Louis Area Insurance Trust (SLAIT) providing insurance products for multiple municipalities,  the numerous mutual aid pacts among law enforcement agencies and fire protection districts, and our administration of a Salt Co-op benefiting 55 municipalities and 14 school districts showcase the strength of our collective efforts.

Notably, Chesterfield’s commitment extends beyond our borders, as we proudly provide police and municipal court services to Clarkson Valley, exemplifying the spirit of cooperation that makes our community stronger.

As we move forward, let us celebrate the remarkable growth of Chesterfield and continue working together to ensure our City remains a beacon of prosperity, diversity and collaboration.

Wishing you all continued success and happiness in our thriving Chesterfield!

Bob Nation