March 2016 Message from the Mayor

March 2016 Edition

We have many positive things to report in this issue, some of which have been in the evolution stage for some time.

First of all, it is my proud pleasure to announce that the Veterans Honor Park Committee, headed by Mrs. Jan Misuraca, has reached its goal of raising $500,000 toward the cost of this project.  The City had previously committed $500,000, and challenged the Committee to raise an equal amount in donations.  We are extremely excited to announce that the City has also received a grant of approximately $525,000 from the Municipal Parks Grant Commission.  Staff has been authorized to seek bids for the project and it is our hope that the successful bidder will also include donations of either labor or materials to help fund this project, which is estimated to cost approximately $2 million.  If all goes well, a ground-breaking will be scheduled later this spring.  A special thanks to the all of the members of the citizen volunteers on the Veterans Honor Park Committee, members of the City’s staff who have assisted them, AEP River Operations as a major donor, as well as all the generous individual and corporate donors!  If you would like to make a donation or purchase a paver, please visit

Next, I would like to report that the City of Chesterfield has completely eliminated the small property tax ($.03/$100 of assessed valuation) that we were previously authorized to collect, through 2015.  Due to a conservative approach to budgeting, the City has been able to set aside significant Fund Reserves over the years.  And, from the amount set aside, City Council used approximately $1.3 million to fully-fund the last two years of debt service payments on a previously-approved property tax supported bond issue.  As a result, it was not necessary to impose the City’s property tax in the year 2015.  Although most homeowners’ property taxes went up this past year, due to increases by other jurisdictions, it was partially offset by the absence of the small amount that went to Chesterfield.  Thanks to our City Council for this accomplishment!

Approximately two years ago, a citizen suggested that there was a need for bus shelters to be provided at some of the bus stops, to give shelter to those who use public transportation to their places of employment. A funding source was identified through the Chesterfield Valley Transportation Development District and coordination began with St. Louis County, Bi-State Development Agency (Metro), and property owners to provide shelters at some of the bus stops located primarily in the Valley.  Now that most required easements have finally been obtained, installation of these shelters is anticipated this summer.  Trash collection will also be provided at these locations by Republic Services, at no additional cost.  Thanks to our City Administrator for identifying the funding source and thanks to all the coordinating parties!  I must also give credit to District 7 County Councilman Mark Harder for his help in moving the project along.

A relatively new concept or term is that of “Transparency Portal.”  I am pleased to announce that we will soon be providing access to additional information, via the City’s website.  Through the efforts of the City’s Finance and Administration Committee, which is currently Chaired by Councilmember Barry Flachsbart, citizens and any other interested parties will soon have access to monthly check registers, monthly financial reports, annual budget information and employee salary/benefit information.  We are currently investigating how to expand the information provided regarding all proposed zoning or development issues.  We welcome your suggestions for additional information that would be of interest or value to you.

As a reminder, five of our eight City Council seats are up for election/re-election on April 5, 2016.  I urge you to exercise your right to vote!  All seats are contested and I encourage you to become familiar with the issues and candidates in order to be an informed voter.  

Additionally, City Council voted unanimously to join with cities across our region and across Missouri, by placing an item on the April 5 ballot which, if approved, will simply continue the current practice of requiring Missouri Sales Tax on vehicles purchased out-of-state and from non-dealers.  

The Missouri Department of Revenue has estimated that the potential annual loss of revenue, for the City of Chesterfield alone, would be approximately $170,000.  As explained by the St. Louis County Municipal League, the biggest potential losers, however, would be the many car dealerships, located on this side of the Mississippi River.

Sales Tax Legislation Update: Senate Bill 788 and House Bill 1561 have again been filed that would allow any sales tax pool city to keep a minimum of 50% of the county-wide 1% pool tax generated within its boundaries. These bills are very modest and reasonable, by any objective perspective.  In spite of the innocuous nature of the bills, we anticipate vigorous opposition to their passage.  SB 788 has again been assigned to Senator Eric Schmidt’s Jobs, Economic Development, and Local Government Committee, and we appreciate any support that he may provide to this common sense legislation.


Mayor Bob Nation