Chesterfield Police Ride-Along Program

The Chesterfield Police Department offers the opportunity to its residents to Ride-Along with one of our patrol officers for up to four hours during the hours of 7 AM until 11 PM any day of the week. The program is specifically designed for community and neighborhood leaders or those interested in a possible career in law enforcement.

We believe that those residents who get to know us better, whether it's through the Ride-Along program or as an official police volunteer (VIP Program) are more likely to have a better understanding of our mission and will likely work together as partners with us to achieve our goal of remaining a safe community.

Ride-Alongs are scheduled by our Bureau of Administrative Services and are subject to manpower availability. All Ride-Along candidates must be at least 18 years of age. (Applicant under 21 years of age must obtain written authorization from a parent/guardian) and an individual may participate only once quarterly. All Ride-Alongs must complete and sign the Department's liability release and indemnification forms prior to participating in the program.

Ride-Along participants may not carry any type of weapon or firearm, even if licensed by the state to do so. This restriction shall not apply to commissioned police officers or Federal agents. Ride-Along candidates will be subject to criminal record checks prior to approval. To protect the privacy of the public, Ride-Alongs will not be permitted to use video cameras, cameras, or taping devices without the express written permission of the Chief of Police.Schedule a Ride-Along PDF logo

(Once a ride-along request form is received, you will be contacted by a Commander to schedule your ride-along. Do not come in for a ride-along unless your participation in the program is confirmed by a Chesterfield Police Commander.)