Lock It or Lose It

Recent crime trends show a substantial upturn in thefts of and from vehicles. Here are a few tips to help you avoid being a victim:

1. LOCK YOUR CAR DOORS- Most thefts from vehicles are “crimes of opportunities”. The suspect(s) will walk or run around trying to open car doors until they find one that’s unlocked.

2. DON’T LEAVE ANYTHING VALUABLE IN YOUR CAR- Some examples include: purses/wallets, firearms, laptops, cell phones, money (including change), sporting equipment, prescription medication, etc.

3. IF YOU DO HAVE VALUABLES, LEAVE THEM IN THE TRUNK- If the bad guys can see it, they can steal it. In some instances, the bad guy will break a window or “bink” the lock (using something like a screwdriver to thrust into the locking mechanism of the vehicle which will unlock it). If there are no valuables visible in the vehicle, it makes you less of a target for this type of crime.

4. KEEP YOUR GARAGE DOOR CLOSED, ESPECIALLY AT NIGHT- Not only are cars easy access in an open garage, but the items in the garage itself and the door going to the interior of your residence offers easy access, too.

5. REPORT ANYTHING SUSPICIOUS - The most common locations for car break ins are in neighborhoods or in public parking areas. The thefts in neighborhoods usually occur in the nighttime. The thefts in the parking areas usually occur during the daytime.   DO NOT APPROACH ANYONE TRYING TO GET IN CARS!

Please call the police if you see:

A. Someone looking into vehicles that obviously aren’t theirs

B. Groups of people roaming the neighborhoods at night.

C. Anyone wiggling door handles

D. Cars driving through neighborhoods with their lights off

E.  Anything that just “doesn’t look right”

The Chesterfield Police Department is more than happy to respond to and investigate these “suspicious person” type of calls. Just call our station 636-537-3000 (non-emergency) or 911 (emergency) and a car will be dispatched to your location.