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National Incident Based Reporting System (NIBRS)

The Uniform Crime Report (UCR) has served as the primary tool for the collection and analysis of crime data in the United States for many years. Since 1935, the FBI has served as the UCR data clearinghouse; organizing, collecting, and disseminating information voluntarily submitted by local, state, federal and tribal law enforcement agencies. Originally, the UCR Program was designed as a summary system to collect only the most serious offenses within an incident. However, the Program began using incident-based reporting (i.e., NIBRS) in 1989 to capture all offenses within an incident. The Chesterfield Police Department began submitting NIBRS data in April 2020. Through NIBRS, law enforcement agencies report data on each offense and arrest within 24 offense categories. These categories are made up of 52 specific crimes called Group A offenses. For each of the Group A offenses coming to their attention, the agency collects administrative, offense, property, victim, offender and arrestee information. Agencies report only arrest data for the additional 10 group B offense categories.

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