Albrecht Family

Edited by Ann Chrissos

Samuel Albrecht and his siblings (Goetlieb, Ernest, Annie and Caroline) were born in Germany.  According to the United States Federal Census, Samuel resided in Meramec Township of St. Louis County in 1850.  He and his wife, Mary Hill Albrecht, had a son named John Samuel Albrecht.  Samuel died in 1879 and his widow married Charles Eisenhardt.  They had a son, August.  John Samuel married Lydia Sellenrick in 1903 and they lived on a farm on Conway Road until 1934.  They had five children:  Harold who married Annie Schnarr and had a son, Norman; Ernst who married Theresa Dielmann and had three children – Margaret, Roy and Jane: Herbert who married Marie Haas and had four children – Barbara, Lucille, William and Patti; Lester who married Virginia Hoch and had three daughters – Deanna Irma, Mary Louise and Linda Virginia (corrected information); and Irma who married Erwin Kroenung and had two children – Glenn and Paul.  In 1934 John and Lydia purchased the Herman Stemme farm a home on Olive Street Road and owned it until 1957.  Their neighbors were William Heller and his sister, Augusta who lived to the east and Mrs. Weidner, who lived across Olive Street Road from Clem Imhoff’s barber shop.  Lydia’s parents were Henry Sellenriek (b. 22 Nov. 1855, d. 12 Nov. 1932) and Magdalena Hoch (b. 25 July 1859, d. 20 May 1920). Many of the Albrechts are buried in the St. John’s United Church of Christ Cemetery or in the Gumbo Cemetery.   For more information see the Lester Albrecht family.

Irma Albrecht Kroenung was interviewed by Marian Hackmann and Arland Stemme on 25 September 1992.

Lester Albrecht Family
Lester Albrecht was born in a house on Conway Road near St. Luke’s Hospital.  He married Virginia Hoch, the daughter of William and Matilda Hoch.  They had three daughters:  Deanna (b. 1942) who died in 2011 from ovarian cancer; Mary Lou; and Linda.  Deanna married Ron Throckmorton and they had one child:  a son Vincent.  He had two daughters, Bobbi and Samantha.  Mary Lou married Jeff Rryan.
Some of the Albrechts are buried in a cemetery on Mason Road.

Vincent Throckmorton had a telephone interview with Ann Chrissos on 19 August 2015.

Lester Albrecht Family
Lester John Albrecht married Virginia Estelle Hoch on 30 September 1936.  They had three children.  The oldest, Deanna Irma (b. 25 Feb 1941, d. Aug 2011) was named for Irma Albrecht Kroenung.  She married Ronald Throckmorton and had a son, Vincent Throckmorton.   She lived in Kirkwood, Ballwin and Valley Park.  Vincent currently resides in Chesterfield.  Lester and Virginia’s second child was Mary Louise (b. Feb 1943, d. Oct 2002) who married Jeffrey Ryan and had two children, Kelley Ann Ryan Kaczmarski,  who currently lives in Charlotte, North Carolina and Sean Ryan.  Lester’s third child, Linda Virginia (b. 21 Dec 1946), married Bernard Kemple and has one child, Heather R. Kemple Zimmerman.  Linda is currently married to Robert Schooley and goes by the name Linda Schooley.

Lester and Virginia lived to meet their first great grandchild, Bobbi Throckmorton. Virginia lived to see Samantha Throckmorton; Katie and Jack Kaczmarski; and Jonathan (Jack) Zimmerman.  A sixth great grandchild, Alyssa Kaczmarski was born six months after Virginia’s death.

Linda Virginia Albrecht Kemple Schooley emailed Chesterfield City Hall with the above information  on 21 Feb 2016.
 John and Lydia Albrecht stand on the porch of their home, located on the north side of Conway Road and west of White Road.  In front of them are their children, l – r, Harold, Ernst, Herbert and a foster daughter, Rosie Dunham.   Courtesy of Irma Albrecht Kroenung


Herbert, Ernst and Irma (in chair) Albrecht, children of Mr. and Mrs. John Albrecht.  Taken in 1912, courtesy of Irma Albrecht Kroenung.


John and Lydia Albrecht with their five children.  Middle row, l-r, Harold, Ernst, Herbert, front row, l-r, Irma and Lester.  Taken in 1922, courtesy of Irma Albrecht Kroenung.