Burkhardt Family

By Ann Chrissos

The Burkhardt family name has been part of Chesterfield since 1887 and today the name lives on as a street in Chesterfield.  The present day Burkhardt Place is located off of Chesterfield Parkway West, south of Interstate 64.  It is the address for the Samuel C. Sachs Branch of the St. Louis County Library and the West County YMCA.  However, the Burkhardt name was originally associated with the tract of land located between the railroad tracks and Olive Street Road (the north side of Old Chesterfield Road today). 
In 1887, Christian Burkhardt purchased 21 acres in the above mentioned area.  He had a Plat Map laid out for the Burkhardt Subdivision and began selling lots in the 1890s.  Development of Christian’s land began with the construction of a general store which included a post office, a saloon and a hotel.  Christian’s son, Edward, who managed the store and served as postmaster, purchased a tract of land across the street from his father’s holdings (south side of Old Chesterfield Road) in 1907. Edward, who had inherited the general store upon his father’s death in 1898, sold it in 1912 and two years later he built the Farmer’s State Bank of Chesterfield which included a new post office and the telegraph office.  In 1918, Edward filed a Plat Map for Burkhardt Place.  He then sold 11 small lots on which modest houses were built.  Today, most of these homes are on the National Register of Historic Places along with the restored bank building located at the south corner of Old Chesterfield Road and Baxter Road.
Christian and Edward Burkhardt were instrumental in creating a town center for the agrarian area of Chesterfield.  Their efforts were aided by the location of the railroad station; however, it was their vision and hard work which made the town of Chesterfield a reality.  Their contributions earned a street being named Burkhardt Place.
The Chesterfield Historical Commission Book Committee, Chesterfield Missouri:  From Untamed Wilderness to Thriving Municipality, 2011.

The Chesterfield area is featured is several books and in current and past calendars.  Book titles include:  1) Chesterfield’s Ancient Past;  Chesterfield, Missouri:  Cemeteries; 2) Chesterfield, Missouri:  From Untamed Wilderness to Thriving Municipality; 3) A Guide to Chesterfield’s Architectural Treasures; 4) Historic Chesterfield Coloring Book, and 5) Why We Fought:  Nazi Camp Liberators. 

These items are available at the Chesterfield City Hall, 690 Chesterfield Parkway West.  Finally, speakers on the above subjects for adult and youth groups can be arranged by calling 636.537.4000.