Steiner Family

Edited by Ann Chrissos

Leo V. Steiner (1869-1945) married Carrie M. Obermeyer (1873-1959) on 21 November 1894.  They had three sons:  Edward L. (1896-1952); Otto L. (b. 1897); and Walter H. (1900-1988).  The Steiner home was located on Kehrs Mill Road, between Clarkson and Wild Horse Creek Roads.  Edward L. married Amelia Seiler and they had one son, Oscar.  They lived in Gumbo, Missouri.  Amelia died when Oscar was only five years old.  Edward Steiner remarried and he and his second wife, Kate, had four children:  Clifford, who married Verna Kick; Bernice, who married Ray Wagner; Roy, who married Dorothy Hill; and Harry, who married Adelaide Deusinger.  Oscar married Leona Griffith and they had two children:  Amelia (Millie) and Marvin K.  Amelia married Vernon Snowden and they had two children:  Nan and Danny.

Walter H. Steiner married Daisy Evelyn Eatherton (1908-1986) on 21 November 1934.  They had three children:  Walter A., Joyce and Ruth.

Leo, Carrie, Edward L., Kate and Bernice Steiner are buried in Gumbo Cemetery and Oscar, Roy , Clifford and Verna  Steiner are buried in St. John’s United Church of Christ Cemetery.

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Millie Steiner Snowden was interviewed by Arland Stemme in June 2007.