Herzog-Deuser Families

Edited by Ann Chrissos

Jerome (Jerry) Herzog (b. 20 Sept 1912, d. 29 July 1991) came to Chesterfield from Kimmswick, Missouri.  He married Virginia Rose Deuser (b. 26 Jan 1915, d. 15 Nov 2001) from Creve Coeur, Missouri.  Virginia’s parents were Henry William Deuser and Vida Maybell Padfield Deuser.  Virginia was one of twelve children.  Her siblings were:  Isabel, Lucille, John, Russell, Marian, William, Harry, Julius, Edward, Gladys and Amelia.  Her mother died giving birth to a thirteenth child.  The Deusers were a farm family.

In 1947, Jerry Herzog, Virginia’s husband, purchased the Phillips 66 Station which was located on the southwest corner of Olive Street Road and Highway 40 at Clarkson Road.  Tom Eatherton owned the Shell Station which was east of Herzog’s business.  A Standard Service Station, Fabulous Al’s Restaurant and the Broemmelsiek automobile dealership were also nearby.  The Herzogs eventually sold the station to William Galey.

Jerry and Virginia had a daughter, Janet, who married Donald Storch.


Jerry and Virginia Herzog in front of their Phillips Service Station, c. 1950.  Courtesy of Virginia Herzog.


Jerry’s Service Station truck.  Courtesy of Virginia Herzog.

Virginia Herzog was interviewed by Marcella Mertz and Arland Stemme on 5 Aug 1998.