Weinrich, Elmer A Family

Editied by Ann Chrissos

Elmer Adam Weinrich (10 Jan 1908—03 Mar 1994) married Erma Ida Wolff (09 June 1910—12 Mar 1990) on 1 March 1933.  Both of them were born and raised in Chesterfield, Missouri.  They had one son, Elmer E. Weinrich.  Elmer A. Weinrich founded the E. Weinrich Heating and Cooling Company in 1947 located at 1550 Clarkson Road.  He ran the business until his retirement in 1989.  His son Elmer E. Weinrich then took over the company and continued to operate it until March 2003, when he sold it to Fresh Air Heating and Cooling located in Chesterfield Valley.  The name was then changed to Fresh Air – Weinrich.

While Elmer E. was growing up, the family lived in Chesterfield, Lake and Bellefontaine.  He attended Lake and Bellefontaine grade schools and Eureka High School.  The Weinrichs were members of the St. Johns Evangelical & Reformed Church in Bellefontaine.  They shopped at Rinkel’s Market for everyday needs and went to Maplewood or Wellston for long term needs.  On 19 October 1956, Elmer married Janet Catherine Sellenriek at Zion Evangelical and Reformed Church, which is now known as Parkway United Church of Christ.  Their wedding reception was held at Creve Coeur Farmer’s Club in Creve Coeur, Missouri.

Elmer and Janet had two sons:  Daniel David (b. 22 Dec 1961) and Darryl Edward (b. 7 Jul 1965). He became a charter member of the Chesterfield Community Association.  While a member, he helped plan and build the original athletic complex, where the Chesterfield Athletic Association and the Ascension Athletic Association played baseball, softball and soccer.  Elmer also became a member of the Chesterfield Athletic Association.  In the succeeding years, he served as Equipment Manager, Treasurer, and Vice President and he coached girls softball and boys baseball teams.  For five years, Elmer was a charter member of the Chesterfield Community Association.  In 1961, he became a member of the Chesterfield Lions Club and he served in many capacities at the club level, district level and state level.  On 24 January 1976, he received the George Khoury Award for outstanding services from the Chesterfield Athletic Association.

Elmer’s wife, Janet, grew up on a farm along Highway 40 between Mason and Ballas Roads.  She attended Adams School on Ballas Road, Mason Ridge School on Mason Road and Maplewood-Richmond Heights High School.  In 1971, she began working full time in the family business. Later their son, Dan also worked in the business.


Elmer A. and Erma I. Weinrich are buried in St. John’s United Church of Christ Cemetery.


Janet Weinrich was interviewed by Marcella Mertz and Arland Stemme  in July 2007.