Calvert Family

Edited by Ann Chrissos

William (1789-1847) and May Ann Buchanan (1800-1872) Calvert had a son, John Martin Calvert (1819-1885) who was born in St. Louis, Missouri.  John married Rebecca Jane Turner (1822-1901) and they had seven children:  John Nelson (1841-?), Mary E. (1843-?), Martha J. (1845-?), Philip A. (1852-?), Benjamin F. (1853-1909), and William Preston (1858-1928).  William Preston was born in Carondelet, St. Louis, Missouri.  He married Zella Jones (?-1885) and they had three children: Jewel Maud (1879-1940), Jacob Snider (1881-?), and Claude (1883-1884).  Following Zella’s death, William married Nola E. Morgan (1867-1946) and they had three children:  Kate W. (1889-?), Edwin John (1891-?) and Leonard Nelson (1904-1907).  Edwin was born in Gumbo, Missouri.  He had a son Calvin Edwin, who grew up in Rockhill, Missouri and attended Webster Groves School.  He married Margaret Mary Schneider and he worked as a carpenter for forty years.  Calvin had two sons:  John Edwin and William j.  His maternal grandparents, William and Kate Hassett, built a home on Strecker Road (Possum Hollow) in1896.  Calvin’s uncle, Jacob Snider Calvert and Jacob’s wife, Sophia, sold their property on Long Road to St. Thomas Evangelical Church in Gumbo, Missouri on 10 August 1960.




Calvert, John interviewed by Marcella Mertz, Dan Rothwell and Arland Stemme on 5 January and 28 June, 2000.