Straub Family

Edited by Ann Chrissos

Christ Straub married Katherine Bopp on 14 October 1888.  They had three children:  George, Clara and Louis.  Christ Straub was raised on the Straub homestead at Clayton and Baxter Roads.  In 1890, Christ and Katherine moved to a home on Wilson Road.  In 1914, their son George Straub married Mathilda Broeker.  They had four children:  a baby boy who died on 26 Feb. 1915, Esther (b. 19 Jan. 1918), Erwin (b. 19 Oct. 1921) and Lucille (b. 6 Dec. 1933).  George was a farmer.  Esther and Erwin attended Chesterfield School.  Although Esther was baptized at home, she was confirmed in St. John’s Lutheran Church on Manchester Road in Ellisville where she and her family were members.

On 21 February 1946, Esther married Edgar Mewes in the St. John’s parsonage.  After the ceremony, they shared a dinner at the home of Esther’s parents on Wilson Road and held a wedding reception at the Mewes’ farm home.


Home of Christ Straub on Wilson Road, circa 1962.  It was 88 years old when it was torn down.  Esther Straub Mewes was born in this house on 19 January 1918. Courtesy of  Esther Mewes.


Chesterfield School in 1928.  Front row (left to right) Clyde Backues, Harold Boecker, Esther Weinrich, Marvin Steiner, Forrest Bierbrauer, Erwin Straub, Kenneth Fick, Marjorie Bierbrauer, Hope Sellenriek, Dorothy Romine, Lucille Chase, Bernadett Reuther and Donald Chase.  Back rows:  Lorene Forthmann, Dorothy Ruppel, Clarence Wardenberg, Mildred Reuther, Roma McCov, Amelia Steiner, Helen Romine, Margaret Koester, Wanda Backues, Esther Straub, Herbert Weinrich, Corine Koewing, Frieda Reuther, Stanley Lauer, Loretta Corliss, Ralph Romine, Lavern Ruppel and Carl Bierbrauer.  Teacher was Jessie Schroeder.


Esther Mewes was interviewed by Marian Hackmann on 21 April 1993