Miller Family

Edited by Ann Chrissos

Thomas and Carrie Miller lived approximately ¾ mile west of Gumbo on Old Olive Street Road on the Fletcher Place.  They had six children:  Olan, Howard, Thelma, Floyd, John and Marie.  All of the children attended Bonhomme School and Marie graduated from that school.  The Miller family shopped at Essen’s Mercantile, which later became Glaser’s Store.  They attended Antioch Baptist Church on Wild Horse Creek Road, but Marie claimed that she sometimes attended Sunday school at St. Thomas United Church of Christ.  After living for four or five years in Chesterfield, the Millers moved into St. Louis.  Marie Miller married William Walter Seibert.

          Bonhomme School 1923.  Teacher was Vervivian Wilmas.  First row, l-r:  Fritz Hahn, Jarvis Fletcher, unknown, Genevieve Mueller, unknown, Rosalie Bayer, others unknown.  Second row:  Marie Miller is the sixth person from the left.  Courtesy of Marie Miller Seibert                               Rose Callahan Walker was the teacher at Bonhomme School in 1926-1927.  She taught Marie Miller Seibert.  Courtesy of Marie Miller Seibert                    

Marie Miller Seibert was interviewed by Arland Stemme on 5 January 1998.