Corless, Spencer Family

Editied by Ann Chrissos

Spencer G. Corless (14 Nov. 1914 - 31 Aug. 1991) married Mildred L. Bayer (23 Feb. 1918 – 13 Apr. 2009) in 1941.   They operated the service station and tavern at Schaeffer’s Grove on Wild Horse Creek Road.  The Grove was owned and built by Charles Schaeffer.  The Corless’s had two children:  Earl and Roberta.  They purchased some property near Wild Horse Creek Road and Highway C and moved to what is now CYS Road.  The road got its name after Spencer Corless sold three acres to George Yahl.  Later the Lloyd Sontag family lived there.  So the road became known at the CYS Road for the first letters of Corless/Yahl/Sontag.

Spencer and Mildred Corless are buried at Gumbo Cemetery.  See the John Bayer for more information.

Mildred Bayer Corless was interviewed by Marcella Mertz and Arland Stemme on 19 June 1992.