Historic Photos - Rufkahr Family

By Ann Chrissos

Frank Rufkahr’s (1882-1952) family emigrated from Germany and settled along Wild Horse Creek Road in Chesterfield.  Frank married Caroline (Carrie) Christine Kick (1886-1959).  She was the daughter of Frank Kick, Sr. and Amelia Sontag Kick, also German immigrants.  They lived in a log house covered by weather board on the west side of Clarkson Road.  Frank and Carrie lived on Frank’s Wild Horse Creek property where they raised their only child, Fred Joseph (1909-?).  They also raised wheat as their cash crop as well as cows.  Fred attended Chesterfield Grade School and Jones Commercial Business School.  On April 11, 1934, he married Edna Helen Fissell at St. Anthony’s Catholic Church in Centaur, MO.  Fred claimed his wedding was especially memorable because it rained, snowed, sleeted, and the sun shown during the course of the day.  He and Edna built a house on Santa Maria Drive and Wild Horse Creek Road where they raised their three children:  William (Billie) (1935-?); Ruth Marie (1939-?); and Nancy Carol (1942-1943).  Fred worked for Holekamp Lumber Company for 27 years.  When Holekamp sold out to the Chesterfield Farmers’ Elevator and Supply Company, he became an employee of United Lumber Company in Kirkwood until he retired.  Descendants of the Rufkahr family still reside in Chesterfield.


CHLPC Archives.

Rufkahr, Fred was interviewed by Marian Hackmann on 28 Oct. 1992.