Yokel Family

Edited by Ann Chrissos

Henry Yokel (1832-1905) married Sarah Smith (1837-1918), the daughter of William Patrick and Mary Ann Boston Smith.  Four of their children were:  Mary (1860-1880); Henry G. (1867-1947); Annie (1878-1956); August G. (1884-1948).  August G.’s sons were George H. Sr. (1910-1986) and August F. (1915-1976).  George H. Yokel Sr. had a son, George Jr.  In 1857, Henry Yokel purchased 66 acres from Fred Estes which were located from Conway Road to Olive Boulevard.  He built his home at 15125 Conway Road in the late 1850s and modified it to the present form about 1870.  When he died in 1905, the house was bequeathed to his wife Sarah and then to his son Henry G. Yokel.  Upon Henry’s death in 1947, the house went to his sister Annie Yokel.  This home has been sold several times since Annie’s death in 1956 and is currently owned by Duncan Scott and Lynne N. Johnson.  Some of the Yokels are buried at the Old Bonhomme Church Cemetery and some at St. John’s United Church of Christ Cemetery.


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