Barr, Jacob Family

Edited by Ann Chrissos

Jacob Barr (b. 15 Apr 1843, d. 17 March 1910) had three sons:  William, Charles and Raymond.  Raymond Barr married Lucille Besancenez on 24 April 1929.  They had four children: Dorothy, Don, Rolla and Richard.

L-r:  Ray Parkest with coronet, George Stock with violin and Charles Barr with harp entertaining at a gathering.
Courtesy of Rolla Barr

Wedding of Raymond A. Barr and Lucille H. Besancenez, 24 April 1929. 
Courtesy of Rolla Barr

Rolla Barr was interviewed by Jane Durrell and Arland Stemme on 23 January 1996.