Historic Photos - Recreation

Recreation in Rural Chesterfield

By Ann Chrissos

Recreation in rural Chesterfield tended to be inexpensive and nature oriented.  For instance, in winter Chesterfield residents liked to go sledding and ice skating. Baseball games were popular in the spring and summer.  Several of the postal villages in the Chesterfield area had their own teams and fans.  They played each other and some villages that are now part of Wildwood, like Pond and Grover.  Along with baseball, bike riding, mule or horseback riding, swimming, picnics and fairs were also popular.   Men enjoyed hunting in the fall, while the women were busy canning fruits and vegetable and making apple cider and apple butter.  Children played outside as much as possible.  Going to dances at Schwenck’s Dance Hall, having a drink at Andy Kroeger’s tavern or a fried chicken dinner at the Gumbo Inn or Madame DeFoe’s restaurant were also pleasant past times.  All of these activities were fun and relaxing and the cost was minimal.

For more information about Chesterfield families see http://www.chesterfield.mo.us/historical-commission.html or CHLPC publications available at Chesterfield City Hall or the Chesterfield Heritage Museum at Chesterfield Mall.