Historic Photos - Farm Animals

Animals found on Chesterfield Farms

By Ann Chrissos

Chesterfield famers needed animals to achieve success.  Animals were used for work, for food, as a commodity and as pets.  A wide variety of animals could be found on area farms.  Horses and mules were used to pull plows, wagons, carriages or for riding.  Most farmers had cows to provide milk, cream and butter for their families, but some, like John Bayer, operated dairy farms as their livelihoods.  Pigs were raised for table food or for sale and chickens were needed for their eggs and meat.  Cats were kept to catch mice and cats and dogs were also popular pets for the farmers’ children.  Although these were the most common animals found on Chesterfield farms, other animals were also raised by some of the area’s residents.  For instance, the Cole family had sheep and geese, while Minna Waldmann was known for her peacocks.  In Chesterfield’s agrarian era, farms could not thrive without animals.  All of the photos are courtesy of the Chesterfield Historic & Landmark Preservation Committee and most were used in the Chesterfield Historical Calendar.  For more information about Chesterfield’s history go to http://www.chesterfield.mo.us/historical-commission.html or visit the Chesterfield Heritage Museum in Chesterfield Mall.